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Some Observations on a Rubbing of a 17th—Century Inscription in Uighur-Mongolian Script with Elements of Manchu Script and Orthography

Pages 155 - 167


The object of the present article is a stone rubbing preserved by the Academia Sinica in Taiwan. It will be posited that the inscription was made during the Qing period, using Uighur-Mongolian script with Manchu-style diacritics and that the site of the original matrix remains unclear. In this article, the text is firstly reproduced, both according to Möllendorff's romanisation and in the corresponding Classical Mongolian transliteration. Noteworthy differences between the script used in this inscription and Classical Mongolian are duly analysed. Subsequent paragraphs provide glosses and annotations, as well as discussing the possible origins of the text.

本文談到臺灣國立社會科學院藏的一件利用滿語文號維吾爾蒙語碑文。 至今無法測定模具的製作地。 文章初部以碑文的內容及轉寫為題,按照穆麟德先生的轉寫方法,再加上古代蒙語的音譯。 文章中、下部含有主譯以及註解,並且討論碑文來源的多種可能性。

中央研究院 Academia Sinica, Taiwan

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