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Relative Chronology of Prehistoric Potteries Collected from the Settlements of Kazeroun Plain, Southern Iran

Hassan Basafa, Mohammad Hossein Rezaei

Pages 233 - 252


This archaeological survey of the central Kazeroun plain was carried out in order to assess the distribution of settlements over different periods. Twenty-four prehistoric sites were identified, the earliest originating in the neolithic period and the most recent site dating back to the middle of the second millennium BCE. Despite the importance for our insight into prehistoric southern Iran, most archaeologists have focused on vestiges from the historically verified recent periods. The present paper should therefore be seen as a contribution towards complementing our historical understanding of Fars province with insight into the more distant past.


此次考古調查以伊朗卡澤倫 ازرون ک平原中部異時定居點的分配為題,分析二

دانشگاه نيشابور University of Neyshabur (Nishapur)

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