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Bair Z. Nanzatov, Vladimir V. Tishin

Pages 169 - 199


This paper is an attempt of in-depth study and reconstruction of different stages in the history of the Quriqans, primarily in connection with the issues of Buryat ethnogenesis. A broad context of the sources used in this study enables us to clarify some aspects of this entity’s settlement geography, trace the transformation of its political status in the historical dynamics of Inner Asia, and determine the degree to which the Quriqans contributed to Buryat ethnogenesis. The authors support the theory of unity of the ethnonym Quriqan known from the Old Turkic runic monuments and the ethnonym Gǔligan 骨利幹 known from the Chinese sources. Undoubtedly, Quriqan and Gǔligan 骨利幹 represent the same ethnonym in different languages.


本篇文章深入研究以及此外重建『Quriqan』人歷史不同階段的嘗試,主要與 布里亞特民族起源問題有關。本研究中使用的廣泛來源使我們能夠闡明該實體 地理的某些方面,追溯其在內亞歷史動態中的政治轉變,並確定『Quriqan』 對布里亞特民族發生的貢獻程度。兩位作者支持從古突厥古符文紀念碑中得知 的民族名稱『Quriqan』與中文資料中得知的民族名稱『骨利乾』的統一理論,毫無疑問代表同一民族名稱


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