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The Secret Manchu Documents on the Trial of the German Jesuit Missionary Adam Schall (1592–1666)

Pages 189 - 195


This article contains an analysis of the trial against Adam Schall von Bell, some of his confrères and dozens of implicated Christians, through the lens of the extant legal documentation written in Manchu. The trial took place from September 1664 until July 1665. The tribunal, composed of members from the Ministries of Rites 禮 部, the Ministries of Justice and of Government officials 吏部, as well as the san fasi 三法司 and the Supreme Court. The insight into the reasoning of these judges offers intriguing reading.

湯若望的法案康熙二年開始,是楊光先控告湯若望、南懷仁、利類思、安文思 以及其他一百個天主教徒。本文以內閣「秘本檔」滿文文件為礎,讓我們深刻 了解順、康之間很有趣的一段時間。

Universität zu Köln / University of Cologne


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