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The Problem of the Ethnic Composition of the Bohai State – A Comparative Analysis of Russian and Korean Materials

Pages 7 - 15


The history of Bohai studies in Russia is more than 150 years old. During those years, Russian scholars have produced a number of interesting and valuable publications. Russian scholars combine the use of written sources (Korean, Chinese and Japanese) with the study of archeological sites. This methodic system is very effective, because archeological and historical methods supplement each other well. The aim of this article is to highlight and critically analyse the current research into the ethnic structure of the historical Bohai state, and to compare the opinion of Russian and Korean scholars on this issue.

渤海文化學在俄羅斯已經超過一百五十年的歷史。俄國渤海專家以韓、中、日 三種語言與考古學聯用。本篇的目的就是對比俄、韓兩國渤海專家關於歷代渤 海國的民族複雜性。

Дальневосточный Федеральный Университет / Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok


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