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Role and Function of the Site of Boroo Gol (Töv, Mongolia)

Pages 61 - 75


The settlement of Boroo Gol was explored by a Swiss-Mongolian team from 2005 to 2007. The following article gives an overview over the most important results of this latest research, emphasising the special position Boroo Gol occupies in Xiongnu civilisation. This settlement in the middle of the Mongolian steppes raises questions concerning its role, function and place vis-à-vis the traditionally nomadic populations. We propose some original interpretations which might shed new light on Xiongnu society.

此篇文章出於瑞士並蒙古考古團2005至2007年在蒙古草原中部地區所進行發掘的工作報告。此一出土地點出產許多關於匈奴文明有趣的信息, 特別關於早期農民社會與遊牧部落社會互相的關係。

University of Neuchâtel / Université de Neuchâtel

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