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Two Tibetan Dice Divination Texts from Dunhuang: Pelliot tibétain 1046B and IOL Tib J 740

Pages 133 - 150


This article demonstrates that the omens in two Old Tibetan dice divination texts (Pelliot tibétain 1046B and IOL Tib J 740) overlap, by providing transliterations and translations. It then argues that the divination system in these dice divination texts is similar to that in Pelliot tibétain 1047, a text made famous by Ariane Macdonald. Although it is still not clear what method was used in Pelliot tibétain 1047, the article focuses on the special terms used to refer to omens or to material elements to lend support to Macdonald's hypothesis that cards or dice were cast onto a divination board or astrological chart. The article then goes on to make a few points to reinforce Macdonald's further assumption that the terms in question are of Old Zhangzhung origin.

本文透過意譯以及譯文為基礎,顯示兩件敦煌算命文獻有同樣的預兆功能。作 者認為PT1046B和IOL Tib J740 與亞麗安娜·麥克唐納教授所討論的PT1047文 獻具備同類的預兆佛法的特質。由於文獻顯示若干預兆和文物的術語,作者認 為占卜骰子被投擲於卜筮法盤或天空地圖上。此外,本文肯定並強化麥克唐納 教授所主張的古老象雄文化影響的理論.

Kobe City University of Foreign Studies 神戶市外国語大学

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