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James Evert Bosson (1933–2016)

Huang Xin

Pages 337 - 338


⻄南交通⼤學/Southwest Jiaotong University (Chengdu)

1 As cited from the obituary produced by the Mongolia Initiative, Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

2 Xin Huang. “On James E. Bosson's Translation of A Treasury of Aphoristic Jewels: The Subhsitarstnanidhi of Sa Skya Pandita in Tibetan and Mongolian.” International Journal of English Linguistics, 2020, 10 (5): 301–310.

3 ibid.

4 James E. Bosson. “A Rediscovered Xylograph Fragment from the Mongolian Phagspa Version of the Subhāsitaratnanidhi.” Central Asiatic Journal, 1961, 6 (2): 85–102.

5 This research was financially supported by the National Social Science Found of China (Project No. 17XYY018) and by the Center for American Studies of Southwest Jiaotong University (Project No. ARC2020004).


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