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Volume 63 (2020), Issue 1-2



A New Interpretation of …] süŋ(ü)g(ü)n (a)čd(ı)m(ı)z (I North 4 = 28) in the Tuńuquq Inscription

Erdem Uçar

Page 1 - 10

Miscellany on the Tumshuqese Documents

Ogihara Hirotoshi (裕敏 荻原)

Page 11 - 24

The Administration of the Outlying Territories of the Western Regions of the Chinese Empire under the Early Han Dynasty

Irina F. Popova

Page 25 - 38

The Making of the Shatuo: Military Leadership and Border Unrest in North China's Daibei (808–880)

Maddalena Barenghi

Page 39 - 70

Paper in Eighth-Century Kucha: Discovery of Cotton Fibres within Chinese and Kuchean Documents

Ching Chao-jung (蓉 慶昭), Enami Kazuyuki (和幸 江南), Okada Yoshihiro (至弘 岡田)

Page 71 - 104

Fragment F24 of the Pelliot Xixia Cave 181 Collection, National Library of France

Romain Lefebvre

Page 105 - 112

Archaeological Evidence, Cultural Imagination and Image of the Mediaeval World: New Perspectives on Treasures from Qiuci (Kucha)

Yu Xin (欣 余)

Page 113 - 152

A Brief Study of the 28 Lunar Lodges Annotated Calendar: Focused on the Annotated Calendars of Dunhuang

Alain Arrault

Page 153 - 172

“The Five Parts of the Dharma Realm”: Preliminary Remarks on the Collection of the sems phyogs Texts in the Tangut Translation

Kirill J. Solonin (Солонин Кирилл), Yu Xiaogang (曉剛 喻)

Page 173 - 190

Two Khotanese Account Tablets and Local Society in Pre-Islamic Khotan

Wen Xin (欣 文)

Page 191 - 238

Buddhist and Christian Relay Posts on the Silk Road (9th–12th cc.)

Fu Ma (馬 付)

Page 239 - 256

A Compilation of Three Tangut Astral Texts (1270 CE)

Nie Hongyin (鴻音 聶)

Page 257 - 272

Further Fragments of the Guanwuliangshoufo jing 癀無渱壽佛經 in Old Uyghur

Aydar Mirkamal, Peter Zieme

Page 273 - 292

The Üjümüčin Office for Astral Divination at the Mongol Court and the Western Asian Astrologers

Oyunbilig Borjigidai

Page 293 - 308

Wilhelm Radloff's Contributions to Manchu Studies and Tatar Folklore – An Update

Hartmut Walravens

Page 309 - 322



Erika Taube (1933–2020) zum Gedenken

Hartmut Walravens

Page 329 - 335

James Evert Bosson (1933–2016)

Huang Xin

Page 337 - 338


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