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The Creation of the Manchu Script

Yong Liang

Pages 69 - 79


This article is focused on the historical conditions which led to the creation of the Manchu script out of the Mongol alphabet in 1599, as well as the resulting complications. Based on primary sources in Manchu, namely the Old Manchu Archives (Jiu manzhou dang 舊滿洲檔), the Fe dangse (“Old Archives”, Neige cangben manwen laodang 內閣藏本滿文老檔) and the Manchu Veritable Records (Manzhou shilu 滿洲實錄), the Jurchen-Manchu script was inspired by Nurgaqi, designed by Erdeni, improved by G'agai, and perfected by Dahai. In its improved version of 1632, with added dots and circles, the written language stayed in continuous official use until 1911.


本文重點介紹導致1599 年自蒙古字母表中創建滿文文字的歷史條件,以及由 其產生中複雜情況。基於滿文的主要來源,即《舊滿洲檔案》、Fe dangse『 舊檔案』(即《內閣藏本滿文老檔》)以及《滿洲實錄》,女真民族的滿文自於 努爾嘎齊被靈感、額爾德尼設計、噶蓋改進、達海而完善。1632 年文字改進 後,滿文一直到辛亥革命有官方使用的地位


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