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A Survey of Literary Translation into Tuvan

Vitaly Voinov

Pages 81 - 105


The present article surveys the history of the translation of literary works into the Tuvan language of south Siberia. The first half catalogues some of the more important works translated into Tuvan, dividing these into the pre-Soviet, Soviet and post-Soviet periods, with a focus on the ideological background that influenced the selection of materials for translation during these historical periods. The second half describes two literary translation projects into Tuvan that the author was personally involved in over the past quarter century, namely the translation of: 1) the Bible, and 2) C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia series. These case studies examine how the Tuvan translation team navigated worldview differences between the original audience and the receptor audience and overcame difficulties in creating coherent systems of key terms.


本文調查將文學翻譯成西伯利亞南部圖瓦語的歷史。上半部分列出一些翻譯成 圖瓦語比較重要的作文,分於前蘇聯時期、蘇聯時期以及後蘇聯時期,強調當 代翻譯材料選擇的意識形態背景。下半部分描述作者在過去四分之一個世紀中 親自參與的兩個圖瓦語文學翻譯項目,即翻譯作文,其一《聖經》、其二路易 斯氏之《納尼亞》傳奇系列。本案例研究考察的目的是圖瓦語翻譯團隊如何駕 馭原始受眾和接受者受眾之間的世界觀差異,並克服創建連貫的關鍵術語系統 的困難。


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