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Toramana and the Date of Mihirakula’s Gwalior Inscription: A New Interpretation

Hasanhan Taylan Erkipçak

Pages 101 - 114

This article analyses the Gwalior Inscription, as a key determining indicator of important dates in Toramana’s life. The Alkhan Huns have been studied as a distinct entity, with Toramana, father of Mihirakula, occupying a chief position. Our knowledge on the others such as Javukha, Khingila or Mehama, remains feeble and is to a large extent derived from numismatics. A number of inscriptions shall be referred to in this article, which make reference to Toramana (Schoyen Copper Scroll, Khura Inscription, Sanjeli Charters, Eran Boar Inscription and Gwalior Inscription).


本文分析瓜廖爾銘文,是頭羅曼一生中重要日期的關鍵決定指標。 嚈噠人被 作為一個獨特的實體來研究,米希拉庫拉的父親頭羅曼佔據著主要地位。 我 們對賈武哈、欣吉拉或梅哈馬等其他貨幣的了解仍然很薄弱,並且在很大程度 上源自於錢幣學。 本文中應提及許多銘文,其中提到了頭羅曼。



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