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Textology Studies of the Mongolian Law Manuscripts on Birch Bark from the Khar Bukh Ruins

Enkhbayar Jigmeddorj

Pages 81 - 100

This article provides textual interpretations of legal manuscripts written onto birch bark as a genre in the Mongolian literary tradition. The birch bark manuscripts were found in the Khar Bukh Ruins and are kept at the Mongolian National Library. They feature special glyphs and writing features typical of the 16th–17th centuries. They also reflect the absorption of various Mongolian dialects, as well as Tibetan, Sanskrit and loanwords. The writing also provides insight into the lives of the legal scribes.


本文對蒙古文學傳統中寫在樺樹皮上的法律手稿進行文本詮釋。出土樺樹皮文 獻發現於喀爾布赫遺址,現保存在蒙古國家圖書館。它們具有明代時期典型的 特殊字形和書寫特徵、也反映對各種蒙古方言以及藏語、梵語和外來語的吸收。 該著作也提供對法律抄寫員生活的深入了解。



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