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Some Place Names in the Beijing Area as Found in the Secret History of the Mongols

Christopher P. Atwood

Pages 57 - 79

The present article deals with the place names given in Mongolian to locations outside Mongolia, as indicated in the Secret History of the Mongols. As a valuable source concerning the history, literature, folklore, and also Middle Mongolian language, the Secret History of the Mongols has great importance as a geographical source. But while Mongolian toponyms have already been analysed, the Mongolian versions of place names outside of Mongolia remain under-studied. The transliterations and usages of these place names reveal much about the Mongols’ view of the wider world. In summary, the diffuse nature of the geographical vocabulary seems to suggest that the authors of the Secret History never set foot outside Mongolia.


本文討論《蒙古秘史》中所記載的蒙古語以外地區的蒙古語地名。《蒙古秘史》作為歷 文學、民間傳說以及中古蒙古語言的寶貴資料庫,具有重要的地 理資料來源。儘管蒙古語地名已經被分析過,但蒙古語以外地名的蒙古語轉寫 仍然沒有充分研究。這些地名的音譯和用法揭示了蒙古人對更廣闊世界的看法 。總而言之,地理詞彙的分散性似乎顯示《秘史》的作者從未踏足蒙古地區之 外。



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