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The Reintroduction of the Mongolian Script in Mongolia

Terigele Teneg

Pages 169 - 184

Two written forms of the Mongolian language are in use today, namely the Cyrillic script and the native Mongolian script. The Cyrillic script is the dominant writing system used in Mongolia. Mongolia is in the process of reviving the Mongolian script via the National Mongolian Script Programme III. In April 2022, the author conducted fieldwork in Ulaanbaatar to observe the current progress of this programme. This paper uses the fieldwork findings to analyse the programme's current implementation from the language policy perspective to discuss various issues relating to Mongolian script education, usage and people’s attitude towards the use of two writing systems.


現今蒙古文書寫形式主要分為兩種,即西里爾文和傳統蒙古文。 蒙古國當今 採用西里爾文書寫形式,但正在透過《國家傳統蒙古文計畫Ⅲ》逐步接納並恢 復傳統蒙古文書寫形式。 在2022 年4 月,我在烏蘭巴托實地考察了這項計畫 的現況和進展。 本論文從語言政策的角度分析研究有關傳統蒙古文教育,實 際運用,以及使用者對這兩種書寫形式的態度。



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