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Central Asiatic Journal


Editorial Board

Lars Peter Laamann (SOAS, University of London)
E-Mail: LL10@soas.ac.uk

Editorial Board Members

Nathan W. Hill (SOAS, University of London)
Ron Sela (Indiana University)
Agata Bareja-Starzyńska (University of Warsaw)
Wang Tao (Sothebys)
Aleksandr Naymark (Hofstra University)
Pamela Kyle Crossley (Dartmouth University)
Tatiana Pang (Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, St Petersburg)


Editorial Rules for Contributors

The Central Asiatic Journal welcomes articles and reviews relating to the linguistic, cultural and historical heritage of Central Asia. For the purposes of this journal, the geographical remit includes the central Asian core region (Mongolia, Turkestan/ Xinjiang, Tibet, southern Siberia, Manchuria) but, by extension, also a secondary sphere radiating into western Asia (chiefly Iran and Afghanistan), the Himalayas, China’s Han-majority provinces and the Pacific fringe (Korea, Japan and eastern Siberia).
Contributions relating to the core region are always considered; submissions focused on any of the others will be examined concerning their relevance to Central Asia. Preference will be given to contributions with pre-modern themes, but all historical content up to the late twentieth century is permissible. Since the Central Asiatic Journal is fully peer-reviewed, all submissions will be passed to our regional board members and to appointed external experts.

For all contributions, the following rules apply:
1. Articles should constitute a genuine contribution to academic research, with all sources being clearly indicated. Due to size restrictions,  contributions exceeding fifteen pages are to be avoided.
2. Articles can be submitted in the following languages: English, German, French, Russian and Chinese. Reviews should be submitted in English only. All non-English articles must be accompanied by an abstract in English. All non-Chinese should be equipped with an abstract in Chinese. If this is not possible, the CAJ will provide a translation.
3. Contributions should be sent by e-mail to the following address: E-Mail: LL10@soas.ac.uk and should be provided in standard word processing format (i.e. not as a scanned document).
4. Please do not send any books or articles for review to the CAJ without contacting the editor first.
5. Any illustrations and photographs should be sent electronically, and in print-worthy resolution. It is the individual author’s responsibility to obtain the copyright for any selected pictures.
6. Authors will receive a proof copy (PDF) of their contribution immediately prior to publication, e-mailed by our publishers Harrassowitz.
7. Align all text to the left margin only. Words should normally not be separated at the end of the line, since the formatting will change. Use footnotes, not endnotes or text-embedded notes, and choose sequential (Arabic) numerals for each citation. Long footnotes are to be avoided and all literature should be listed separately at the end of the article, not in the footnote. Punctuation marks, including brackets and quotation marks, precede footnote numbers in the text.
8. The editor can be contacted at the following address:

Dr Lars Peter Laamann
History Department
School of Oriental and African Studies
University of London
Thornhaugh Street
London W1CH 0XG
Great Britain/Europe

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Current Issue

Issue 1-2 / 2023